Questions on larger scale dioramas

I need your help with a problem that I have with a diorama I’m trying to build.
I have a resin 1/5th scale Jungle Predator and have already painted and ready to put it in a jungle diorama setting, the Predator is 14 inches tall and about 4-5 inches wide.
So I would like to know building this vignette, how big do I need to make the base for this jungle scene?
Someone once told me that if I would go with a 15 X 15 inches as a base that would be ok for the height, but I’m not sure about that. :slightly_smiling_face:
I already have an idea on how I want to present my predator figure so that’s no problem, it’s the base size that is frustrating me.
Any other suggestions on the sizes needed to make this jungle scene as realistic as possible would be of great help!
Thank You

I don’t know about the dimensions, depends on how you want the jungle to look (different types) and amount of effort you want to put in but I would use a sheet of construction paper to work up the base before committing to that size.

I’m no expert in dioramas, but a 15x15 base with a 5x5 figure (not counting height here) will mean the figure occupies 1/9th of the surface… I would choose something much smaller, unless you want to add a lot of details apart from vegetation (wrecks, bodies, animals…)

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Replied in detail to your PM, but for anyone else reading this thread, my suggestion is to mock-up the composition and then use that to establish the overall size. MAKE the base fit the vision and model, not the other way around.