Questions on who makes the following 1/700th ships

I am in the process of making a part of battleship row during the pearl harbor attack in 1/700th scale.
So with that in mind I would like to know, besides Trumpeter, who makes the following ship models:

USS Nevada
USS West Virginia
USS Tennessee

Now I went to Pinterest and found Peerintothepast site all the major Battleships on battleship row silhouettes.
Also, I was on the website and someone also posted the same thing. Now someone said that these silhouettes where inaccurate.

So based on these silhouettes, it looks like the USS Arizona and USS Nevada have the same silhouette.
Just as the USS West Virginia and USS Tennessee. I have done some research on these ships/silhouettes but I really can’t tell the difference on which class of battleship they where so when I do finally buy those kits, I will have the correct kits.
I’m sorry for just rambling on and on, but I am just trying to make sure that when I finally complete this diorama, I and anyone else who see’s it will know that it is accurately correct.
I hope you guys will be able to help. Any information will be appreciated.
Thank you.

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The Wee Vee and the Tennesseeare made by Trumpeter and someone (don’t remember who) was coming out with a resin Nevada. There may be resin kits of all of them but look here
They all were different but I’m not an expert. I do know that that pintrest picture is not correct because the Nevada/Okie looked very different than the Arizona/Pensy

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For accurate reference, try this book.
U.S. Battleships

All weapon systems change their appearance over time, especially during times of technical and tactical advances.

Hope this helps somewhat.

The Nevada and Oklahoma were sister ships and at that scale could reasonably be hard to tell apart from each other. Their silhouettes are somewhat similar to the Arizona and Pennsylvania in that both classes had forward and rear tripod masts and a single stack. One big difference is that the Nevada and Oklahoma had only 10 main guns (14" 45 Cal) grouped 3,2,2,3 in the four turrets, whereas the Arizona and Pennsylvania each had 12 14" 45 Cals grouped three guns in each of the 4 turrets.

Tennessee and California were sisters and had cage fore and aft masts and similar to Arizona/Nevada had 12 14" 45 Cal guns, three each in four turrets, But they had two smaller stacks.

Colorado, Maryland and West Virginia resembled the Tennessee class in that they had two stacks and two cage masts, however they were equipped with 16" guns, and more importantly only had 8 of them, 2 each in four turrets.

Nice summary. I think Tennessee and California had 14"/50s. I’m not sure that difference would be visible in 1/700 of course.

Good catch! They did in fact have a 50 Caliber barrel, but as you said, that difference in length is negligible. If my calculations are correct, the additional 5 calibers, times the 14" bore is 70 inches, which in 1/700 scale is .10" or 2.54mm.

Nevada in 1/700

USS Nevada - Tom’s Modelworks multi-media (resin/3d printed) kit
USS West Virginia - Trumpeter
USS Tennessee - Trumpeter

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SS Models have some of the ships you are looking for in pre-WWll build. 3D printed. lixili2016 | eBay Stores
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I have heard that while the SS kits are nice, they are not necessarily accurate as they are based on the “World of Warships” game ships so be sure to check them out