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As the War in Ukraine continues the manufacturers are making a point of supplying products replicating actions in this theatre. Here we take a look at a release titled (Quietly Came, Quietly Went) a four figure set from ICM in 1/35th scale.

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The ankle pockets are afeature on US uniforms, both ACU and Multicam. Not really sure of the purpose…

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Unit SOPs may dictate what is to be carried on that pocket. Or it can be left up to the individual soldier if no SOP exists for that. My unit had no SOP for that pocket, so I used to carry a small bright orange IFF panel that we were issued in that pocket. The pocket is useful in that it can be easily accessed while in a seated position, such as while in a vehicle, compared to the front hip “slash” pockets of pants.

Ditto^. The last time I was deployed, we carried a tunicate in one of them, by SOP.

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Pants look like they’re Crye Precision. What the cool (SF) kids wear.

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