Quinta Studio Typhoon-K 3D-Printed & coloured Interior | Armorama


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This looks absolutely amazing. They also released seat belts for Typhoon K.

Having a Takom Typhoon kit, I would be really interested in seeing if this Quinta set can fit Takom’s offering as well.


Look at how close those indicator levers are @Newtonk. :joy:

Those look great as one is expecting as the standard for Quinta Studios now.

Yeah, about that, Tank; I may have to say something to Zvezda as it’s becoming a habit. :joy:

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Looked at the Takom kit, I expect that most of this set should work. A lot of the Quinta pieces are simply the faces on many “boxes”. Worse case you might need to remove some of the Takom detail and replace it with some plasticard replacements. The only spot where I see a potential problem is the driver’s dash. To the right side the Takom kit has a squared off dash, whereas the Zvezda dash is angled.

Since I have the Takom kit with a whole lot of other updates (tires, decals, PE) I’ll buy this and make it work.

I also have Takom kit with numerous upgrade set so switching to Zvezda isn’t really an option.

This set looks absolutely fantastic and I also figured most of these could work with Takom. Do let us know your thoughts once you start building the kit.