Radcliff, KY M103

On vacation here in the Radcliff KY area.
There is a M103 parked in the town.



Wish that it was in better shape and that the Dragon kit wasn’t a dog.


Radcliff just might be one of the most patriotic towns in America!
*But yes it could use a coat of paint"

I suggest you contact the Patton Museum at Ft. Knox (Yes, Virginia it does still exist) and the Volunteer staff there just might be able to “get 'er done” for you!

Any relation to Kevin Reed???
(Volunteer at the Patton Museum)

Just to drop a bit of a local challenge here:

This is what the Sherman looks (or looked like) in Harrodsburg, Kentucky:

Photos Copyright Michael Koenig 2008 ~ All Rights Reserved

Photos Copyright Michael Koenig 2008 ~ All Rights Reserved

Yes Dan, to both statements!

But that’s OK Das Werk ~ you do another Tiger kit!

looks like someone needs some care taken!

There was an effort in 2018 to repaint it but apparently it fell thru.

I didn’t think the Dragon M103A1 kit was that bad. Sure, it isn’t perfect, but it does look like an M103 when done. I built one for a customer, pretty much OOB.