RAF Cosford visit

hi all,

just letting you know that as part of my 50th birthday I plan to visit RAF Museum at Cosford. if anyone has any requests for pictures of some of the exhibitions please feel free to contact me.

kind regards


Klaus tell me when you are going as I have contacts there who may be able to make your visit that little bit more special

@CMOT that’s good to know Darren, thanks very much. i will be there Tuesday the 7th of September.

if anyone can get me into the cockpit of the Me262, then i will be a very happy (middle aged man)

kind regards,


If I pay for the fuel will you bring a Spit to me ? (1/1 scale please )

I will ask if he is about that day for you bud.

@CMOT thanks Darren, it’s appreciated.

ok folks, I will be at the RAF Museum in Cosford in an hour!

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well I’ve just done the 2 hour world war two lecture and got some pictures.


my thought for today:

you know when you are getting old when you see something in a museum and comment that you remember those exhibits when you were a kid lol

Sorry for not getting back to you bud but he has just got hitched.

@CMOT no worries Darren, I have a similar problem at bovington tomorrow.