Railroad dio question

Pardon the interruption, but you gents have a certain skill set I wish to tape into. As part of a 1/72 A4 size diorama campaign I plan to build the UM 1/72 DT-45.
I am thinking of a small rail bridge in theory like @G-man69 did with his small bridge in his Carrier Crossing dio to do a little water work underneath it and my googlefu is only giving me large bridges. So does anyone have photos of a small WW2 Eastern European railway bridge that might work?


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Step 1. Ask Google translate to translate railroad bridge into any of the East European languages.
Step 2. Ask Google about images with the word / words returned by translate.
For Slovakian I got “železničný most” and after scrolling past big bridges I got this:
Small bridge

For the Polish “most kolejowy” Google found me this one:

Many small bridges in the east were built during the Austro-Hungarian empire so design and inspiration might as well be from Austria

Romanian: “podul căii ferate”: only big bridges.

One thing worth remembering is that the very small bridges over big ditches or small streams were constructed from I-beams or H-beams resting on supports at both ends. No masonry or brick vaults …

Another option could be the supports at both ends, rubble of ruined bridge and a new bridge built by pioneer/engineer troops from local timber.

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Hello TIA,

I didn’t look up prototype bridges but went to European model companies and their bridges in HO 1/87. Fret not, as the narrowest I found is 2.5" = 15’ in 1/72.

NOCH makes a variety of big and small bridges in hard foam: https://www.noch.com/en/product-categories/model-railway-bridges-viaducts/model-railway-hardfoam-bridges.html

Kibri makes bridges, too, in plastic:


Busch Gmbh & Co Kg
Underpass - Kit – 10-7/16 x 3-3/8 x 2-3/4" 26.5 x 8.5 x 7cm


Most German companies make a bridge or two: Vollmer, Kibri, Busch, Marklin, Faller., etc.

Thanks Fred. Noch’s underpass looks like @Robin_Nilsson first image but it’s taller. Using Noch’s dimensions I think I can rough something up.

It’s Ryan by the way, TIA is thanks in advance.


Hi Ryan,

Glad to help.

Sorry, I thought “TIA” was a nickname. I’m not very good with eAbbreviations. :grimacing: LOL

It’s all good Fred.

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