Railroad Grain Elevator, Corrugated, Layout Scenes 5 | RailRoad Modeling

Our Northern Plains correspondent HARV provides us with many scenes useful to model railroaders, and other model genres. Here he spotted this classic Railroad Grain Elevator east of Clearmont, WY.

This is partial text from the full article (usually with photos) at https://railroadmodeling.net/news/railroad-grain-elevator-corrugated-layout-scenes-5

Thanks Harv. A perfect size structure to model.

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You’re welcome Tim. I hope the pictures will be of some use to you. This elevator is near the little, and I mean little, town of Wyarno, WY.

In former iterations of my modeling it would have been a great benefit. I have returned to my inner city roots and my next project will reflect that. I’m currently in the planning and materials acquisition phase for an industrial area.

I like to see images of structures along the R/W. To many times we just record the train. These photos will be of great benefit to any one modeling a rural area from the 40’s through the 90’s.

Take care and “Thanks” again for taking the photos and publishing them.


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You’re welcome. I have others that I have taken and I am sure that Fred will get them posted as well. I enjoy taking pictures of subjects like that. I moved out of Wyoming since taking those photos but there are some subjects here in South Dakota that I have seen that I plan on taking photographs of to share on the site.

Randy :slight_smile:

I had one very similar to that when I was a kid.
It was a Suydam solder together kit, with angles and corrugated steel. Great kit, but over the years I unsoldered bits here and there to use on other things.


Thanks for providing this reference: It is appreciated.
I just happen to enjoy grain elevators! Tall wooden ones especially!

Here is another of the Suydan all metal HO elevator kits - acquired in a junk sale with all the other parts missing.

And an S scale offering from American Flyer:

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This is again perhaps something I never learned or encountered; i always wondered in the Suydan kit why a grain elevator would require a slash burner from a sawmill?