Railroad Structures Campaign

Hello group and happy new year. Phil has a idea that I like. What do you all think about extending the deadline out to June?

Last year was very difficult to find some bench time. Very soon, this year will be, too. I know of a few people that have models to start building for this campaign/group build (what is this anyway?), as do i. So if everybody’s okay with it, let’s push back the end date several months.

What do y’all think?


I would appreciate it. I should be recovered enough by then to get things completed.


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Hello group, let’s extend the due date for this group build campaign to the end of June. Everybody good with that??

What are y’all thoughts about starting in 2023 campaign concurrently? Like maybe March? Anyone have any ideas for it? I have a hankering for building some of my rolling stock.

I would enjoy a rolling stock campaign in 2023. How about an April 1st start date for 10 months ending 31 Jan. 2024. That gives spring and fall building times w/slacking off for the holidays and a finish line sprint after recovering from the new year.

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Hi Tim, sounds good to me. We’ll start the campaign here run it into early next year.