Railway Post Office - Look what was delivered today

I could have just done a thread about look what came in the mail, but I thought I’d give it more of a railroad sound. This isn’t a train really, but it’s on rails, at least…


I’ve been to try one of those MiniArt trams.

All I have right now is an old Hawk San Francisco Cable Car. My Dad bought the kit but I think he got frustrated trying to cover the green plastic with Yellow paint.


The plastic is beautiful! I expect I will use it in a diorama. I was thinking it might be perfect for a Stalingrad setting, but I fear it’s too nice to make a bombed out shell out of it.

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I’d stick around and watch this build take shape. I’ve got a few of the MA tram kits but, of course, haven’t started them yet

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How did I miss this post until now!?

I love MA’s trams but don’t have the guts to tackle one. Seeing “600+ parts” sends me in the opposite direction.

I’ll be watching!

I’m not sure how soon I will get to this. I started the thread in hopes it would become the equivalent of the “what came in the mail” for armorama and aeroscale…

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My entry for the railroad campaign just got delivered a bit ago.

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I like the Gondola so much…

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I like.

Fun fact, the Russians also use these to hold troops. They even had a wood or coal burning stove at would be mounted in them complete with chimney that would go out the roof.

Miniart makes a version with the stove and chimney!

Phil, thanks for starting this thread. Here’s my first installment. People may recall I am a fan of Kitmaster model trains. I finally found the French Coach that I could afford.


Oh, a natural metal finish on a train car. Rad!

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That is a pretty versatile kit. It is a single end Powel St car, but with little work two can be combined to make a credible double end California St car.

Other possibilities are a grip car with trailer or an old time railroad passenger car

Does anyone still make the kit? I did some research on it a few months ago and saw the color scheme had totally changed. Saw the double-ended car and thought “Oh, I’d love to do that!”, but then remembered by limited modelling skills. Perhaps someday someone will make a kit of that (Takom, AFV Club, Meng?).

Phil, I am thankful you did and embarrassed that I did not. Always a “what I’ll do tomorrow” but then…squirrel moments! :persevere:

Maybe we need a “What I’ll do tomorrow” thread? I’ll start one tomorrow. Maybe.

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Gary, Hawk was absorbed or became © Round 2 Corp, along with Lindberg. I looked around their site and didn’t see it. You might want to write them and ask it they have the tooling.

This “just” arrived - if “just” can mean week before last. It might be next after I finish my 1/72 flak sSP.

Choo choo go boom boom!

Just a few pages of motivation:


My first build in 1/35 was a Miniart Russian tram.

Great kit with no real issue. You need to be careful around the glass as it’s a very fine edge that will show any glue.
The sad thing is the great drive bogie. It’s hidden away and the detail isn’t seen. I never glued the bogie to the body and I have left the roof unglued at this stage.