RC M48 Patton

Hello guys, I was just wondering why companies like Heng Long, Torro etc. have not made a 1:16 scale RC M48 Patton tank considering how widespread the tank was in Vietnam and how popular the vietnam war was. I won’t mind having an RC version of this tank, especially a USMC version

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Hi Clement
Doesn’t seem to have been on their radar - it’s not WWII German. Yes, their latest releases have been more modern, but Cold War not so much.
There is the 21st Century M48 in 1/18th - M-48A3 Mod B Patton - US Army Vietnam - Build - RC Tank Warfare -
And a 3D print version in 1/16th - M48 MBT – The Cold War Warrior – scratch built report - RC Tank Warfare -