Re-release of a John Rosengrant classic. | Armorama™

LL-219 US Army Tank Commander (full figure) & partial Sherman Tank Turret Section. 1/9th scale resin vignette, includes full US .50 Cal MG with ammo case and ammo. Limited re-release of 50 pieces. $100.00 USD, free shipping to all of USA. International shipping at cost. Contact for orders Payment via PayPal or Visa, MC From Original Masters

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Still have the original Warriors release!


Looks fantastic, but the 50 is assembled wrong. Where the barrel screws onto the receiver should have been drilled out so the barrel would seat lower. It sits about 6" deeper in. Also the barrel seems thin, but just a little. Very nice, though, and I’m tempted to purchase one. Really nice painting work - fantastic. And the skulpt is beautiful.

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