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Bill Cross reviews "The Battle of Gettysburg 1863 (2)" from Osprey Publishing.

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I’ll never forget my visit, when I was in New York to Gettysburg.

As part of a trip to the US (my middle daughter was on an exchange with University of Virginia in Richmond) we spent a day at Gettysburg and drove all around the battlefield, much to the disgust of two of my three daughters who accompanied us. At Little Round Top, a group of modern US soldiers were receiving a lecture on the battle, which I earwigged on! I’ve always found the battle interesting and was an avid player of the old EA computer game! If played “a la Rommel” you can win with the Confederates easily! We then drove, via the Blue Ridge Mountains down to Richmond. It’s quite astounding how close the two capitals were, less than 60 miles apart and that so much manoeuvring and fighting took place in such a small area, surrounded by the larger fabric of the war.

This is the “if I’m only going to buy one book about Gettysburg” book, though it should properly be paired with one about the First Day. Gettysburg and Antietam are two of the best-preserved Civil War battlefields, though the struggle against suburban sprawl remains intense.