Rebel Sirian technical

One of my latest builds:


Love it mate….bit too clean though….maybe some dust all over that nice new grey interior…! Excellent dio.

Yeah I think a little more dust on the interior would make sense because if it is open to the elements like that it wouldn’t be long getting dirty! Perhaps a little on the rear bed too. But having said that, I must also say this is a wonderful piece- really great figure work with interesting expressions and well observed clothing- colorful and mis-matched just like it would be. The technical itself is well done too with a fantastic camo scheme and a realistically busy rear bed. The flag is just the icing on the cake though- gives a great sense of movement and tops everything off well.

Really nice work Mr. Suarez. Great camo job on the technical. The figures look good too, looks like the usual rag tag bunch.

yes probably I damage little more the truck… now it’s look like a new ones at my eyes

The contrasting bright colors of the figures really make this vehicle stand out. Really cool to see something different. Nice job. :smiley: