Recent Russian tank development

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Red Effect has posted a new video on YouTube of a unique armor system mounted on a T-72/T-90. I think some of y’all will find it interesting. It looks pretty ugly to me.

I have also noted that a 1/35 Leopard 2 with Russian ERA (Kontact?) is available via Hobby Link Japan. It may be from Amusing Hobby, but, I don’t recall for sure.


That’s a T-90M.

It has a cope cage fitted with ERA (brighter green contraption on top)

The extensions on the front and rear of the turret may be part of a decoy system to try and fool the Javelin??

I know they’ve hung smoke pots on a stick behind the tank as well as a half dozen other things to try and defeat the Javelins to no avail.

It’s a pretty standard T 72 B/B1 under all that, pretty sure it’s an extended cope cage erection that covers the whole hull, well at least until you traverse the turret, then not so much.

I did some additional digging, and it appears to be fitted with a variant of the “Burlak” turret, with a further variation of the “Kaktus” ERA.

If so, this is extremely rare being that the project was stopped in 2009 with only one or two prototypes made.



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Hello Cav Trooper and Simon. Thank you for your respective responses.

I agree with you regarding the slat on top of the turret. Perhaps there is some glacial plate/engine deck protection value from top attack depending on the turret orientation…? The driver may or may not like the idea, though.

It might make for an interesting SPOT report if we were in the field, eh?

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It’s a simple T 72B1 the Kontakt 1 ERA is a giveaway, same as the older engine and exhaust
This picture shows the added cages better.

Love that shade of green in the top pic of the 90M.

Thank you Simon, I stand corrected.

I must ask, where on earth did you find this picture?

It was on a soviet tank thread
(On the last page) I don’t read 5he comments much but the pictures are good. It also helps being an ex Soviet recognition instructor.