Recent update causing problems for some users on older Operating Systems

Just a heads up but we have had at least 2 users having trouble getting the forum to display (at all). One of them is using Windows Vista and I am unsure of the situation on the second. Safe to say that these older operating systems are not safe and have been unsupported for many years now. Time to update! :slight_smile:

Vista. Oh, memories. I know there are several Apple users here. Is someone still running Tiger?

Apparently the other user is on an older Apple Mac with an older OS as well. I can only guess that something must have changed with both of these older OS at the same time. Odd though.

I looked for any report of this on the Discourse forum and nothing came up. They may be unaware of it, but tbf I doubt they could do much about it if they wanted to as it’s probably something buried in a scripting component they use as well. Microsoft stopped supporting Vista in 2012 and they fully stopped any kind of patching for it in 2017.

You sure it’s just older ones? I have a newish Mac with the latest version of Firefox and the site is loading incredibly slowly for me today…

Yes. I am sure. :slight_smile:

What is loading slowly? The forum? Armorama, AeroScale, etc?

There are literally 9 servers currently in use so you guys need to be specific. This morning for example the old server (where the archives are) was down completely. Ahh… for old times sake I guess.

Right. I didn’t realize you had so many servers in use. I’ve been having intermittent slow loading on the forum. This time when I navigated to it the response was immediate. When I sent the previous note, it took about a minute to load.

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Thanks for letting me know Phil. I did just checked the cpu load for the forum instance/server thinking maybe an auto-update had run recently. That can zap the instance of a lot of it’s cpu bandwidth, but no it’s been normal with a few mild bumps in the past 8 hours or so. I would guess that was just an errant request that the internet gods decided to route in the slowest possible way via the net. It happens.

Jim, I am using an old Mac right now, and it has been recently upgraded to 10.11 El Capitan and everything works well for me. Before the upgrade, I was running 10.6 Snow Leopard and I could still see everything on the site as far as I could tell. Now, I am not a guru on the Mac, but thought you might like to know.


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