Recommendations for Jewelers' files

Back in the early 90s when i first started getting interested in wooden ship-building I ordered a set of jewelers’ files from Micromark and they were nice, high-quality files. After 30 some-odd years of use, they have started to show their age and so I’ve been looking to replace them. I found a set of similar files at Harbor Freight, but they turned out to be the same level of quality you expect from most tools from Harbor Frieght–serviceable, but not great. So I broke down and ordered another set from Micro-Mark. Guess what? No better than the Harbor Freight files. Disappointing, but my purpose is not to bash Micro-mark, but ask if anyone out there has any recent experience acquiring a high-quality set of jewelers’ files, and if, so where do you recommend getting them?


Maybe this could be worth checking out:

They have needle files in different price ranges, the cheapest ones might be the same as
Harbor Freight …

Fine sandpaper glued to small sticks could be an option when you need a very fine cut/grit …


Harbor Freight is generally not a vender of quality products. You’ll even do better on Amazon. Just make sure you can return them for free.

The last set I bought were diamond coated. Probably not as durable as a steel cutting surface but a nice blend of file shape and fine sandpaper performance.

I got this set from Micro Mark and have gotten great use out of them for ten years -

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I’ve had a set of these for decades, they serve me well. There are many other sizes also available.

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Thanks for the suggestions, gents. Do those diamond files have any knurling on the handles. I can’t see any in the picture, but it’s not very clear.


Mine only have the diamond coating on the working end. The middle shaft is steel. The handle end is plastic coated.

No, the holding end is smooth.

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Try Hobby Lobby.

Up to my ears in tools! :hammer_and_wrench:

I’ve been using these files for over ten years. They are major go-to files (they do have knurled handles). ‘Needle Files 6Pak’


Similar to the previous, but with curves, and they do come in handy at times. I repurposed the handle elsewhere. ‘10-piece Riffler File Set’



I recently acquired these INFINI Diamond Files (SUPER FINE / FINE / MEDIUM GRIT) and immediately fell in love with them. The tapers are exceptional for reaching into tight areas.

‘INFINI MODEL [ICT-0007] Diamond Taper File 3Way System (Narrow)’

‘INFINI MODEL [ICT-0008] Diamond Taper File 3Way System (Wide)’

All of these files get my personal SEAL OF APPROVAL! :seal:

Happy filing!


My go to file 90% of the time.

Looks to have hardly any file worth using. But I have found it superb. Files down PE & plastic very quickly with an extremely smooth finish.

Flat one side rounded the other. Shaped fat to thin end & has a sharp edge.

Not tried shaving with it yet.


Thanks for the suggestion, Laurie!


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