Recommended 3D print details companies

Any companies that would be recommended for buying 3D printed detail parts?

I don’t think there are very many dedicated 3D printing companies out there at the moment. Certainly not nearly as many who simply make PE sets along with 3D printed parts.

Off the top of my head, there’s:

On Shapeways:

•Model Monkey
•Zavod 3d Miniatures
•MMC Design
•Hephaestus Design Studio
•Down Range Productions
•J’s Shapeworks (I have experience with his products, they are very good)
•3D In Scale
•Priamide Models

There’s tons more people on Shapeways but I forget or can’t find them. Many of them are excellent but I have near zero experience with them.

On the forums here, we have a couple that I know sell directly. There’s probably other people that I don’t know of. Below we all have our own printers.

•Myself, I have Mike’s MS Productions. (Find me in the “Looking for 3D Printing Ideas” thread)
•James_Lee but I don’t know his shop name
•Live Resin. I know Yaroslav from LR uses 3D printing technology but I don’t know how he uses it or if his products come directly from a 3D printer like James and mine do. They very well could, I just don’t know. I’ve some of his products. Excellent work he does.

Everyone kind of carves a niche for themselves while also spreading into other areas. It depends on what you need and want.


Of those I tried:

Heavy Hobby
Eduard (for Planes)
MJ Miniatures
T-Rex studio

All great products, easy to assemble, good packaging.


Did you mean @James_Lee?

If not then I apologize to James Phillips but James Lee is another 3D artist on this board.


Right. I was thinking of somebody else.

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A lot depends on what genre and scale you are looking for. Some of us on Shapeways (my shop is TGCmodels) specialise in tank-related things, others do ships or aircraft. For vendors selling direct try Elefant or FCmodeltrend.


@GermanArmor Mark,
My shop is called “P2G3D”, and it only exists in FB world for now: Redirecting....
However, it would be easier to contact me directly on Kitmaker PM for any 3D prints on demand or to custom CAD.

As far as other 3D print AM companies, here are some out of South Korea producing some excellent work:

Legend Productions

  • They are traditionally resin cast AM company but have been cranking out 3D prints lately, too - or make the master mold using 3D prints

DEF model

  • Again, traditionally resin cast AM company but have been using 3D print technology lately.

MJ Miniatures

  • They are a dedicated 3D print AM company and had some excellent accessories. Its website has been down so I am not sure if they’re in business anymore.

There’s a new comer in Vietnam called Hobby Link producing rare conversion kits. From what I can tell, most of them are good but their M60 AVLB conversion was poor. They only exist in FB: Redirecting... but they have a US distributor.

I hope this helps.

Kind regards,

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You have RPmodels too. We do everything in 3D, including the production of pieces. I hope this can help too…

With best regards
Hugo Pereira

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Thanks for all the great information!

I guess what I was trying to say for 3D pringting companies is, companies that use 3D printers to print the superfine details, like t-rex and heavy hobbies.