Recovering old Builds

I have a lot of old builds that i thought lost and I’m in the process of recovering them.
I’m wondering if I should repost them here, or just forget about them.
For example, I just recovered the pictures of my 1/16th. Panther build.
It’s about 500 Pics long, I don’t want to crash your web site.
Regards Donald

Maybe consider reducing the volume of pictures and condense the step by step of the builds. I’d like to see them.

Yeah, maybe brief summaries. I’d be interested to see them too, since your build threads are better than a lot of reviews IMHO.

Hi Donald, how big are the image files? Are they already reduced to a few hundred kb in size? I think part of the whole website upgrade is a massive increase in file storage, so I doubt you’d crash the website! But I have to say 500 images of a single build may be a bit excessive for the audience, so being selective may be the order of the day…

Donald, 500 images of a build is a more than I’d like to see. For the finished model 10-15 pictures usually is sufficient. 30-40 in process shots should be plenty for people to digest.

When I start a build, I also take a lot of photos of all the steps to the end. I reduce it in volume and add an explanation (what, how, …). Then I make “.pdf” files from it. By editing the photos and with the PDF, there is a great possibility to determine the volume. Which I then send to my children and friends who are interested. That way I also have some feedback for myself. The lyrics are in Dutch, so before posting here, a large part of the members would not understand a word.

i agree with kosprueone, I’d like to see your work as well

Thanks for the Info. This is why I’m trying to cut down on the number of detail Pics.
I just checked the size of the 1/16th Panther is 116Mb. that’s way to big.
When I go to post it I’ll have to cut it way down.