Recovery vehicle M26 from Tamiya

Greetings to all forum members.
After 3 years of starting, I decided to finish this kit.
This is one of the classic Tamiya kits. As always, the fit of the parts is very good, although some details are simplified.
It is a large kit, which makes the painting and wethering stage a bit difficult.
For the paint I used Vallejo’s Olive Drab, darkening and lightening it to give highlights and shadows.
For the wethering I used AK washes and pigments from Vallejo and Mig, plus some graphite for the polished metal areas.
With all of this, I hereby bring this project to a close.
I hope you like it and any comments and criticisms are welcome.
Greetings to all the members of the forum.
See you next time.


That’s a beauty! I was given this kit and am almost exclusively a modern armor builder but seeing your build of it has me wanting to do it, thanks !

Really nice build there. Paint and weathering look superb… Some great details on there really show it off. Lovely work :+1:

That’s a beautiful job there Juan! Finish is excellent as are the details.

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Looks great. :+1:

Beautiful - a man after my own same interests - the difference is mine has been sitting unfinished for YEARS!

Might’ve taken you time to get over the finish line, but great build all round. Excellent dust weathering on the tyres.

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man that kit looks fabulous

What a fantastic model… beautiful!

Superb job.

Splendid work! Looks very realistic!

Very nice! :clap::clap::clap::clap::clap:
If I may… I suggest some eye-level photos. :camera_flash:



And Yes, KitMaker software - even though it is not a complete sentence it IS exactly what I wanted to say! Parts of this new operating system SO irritating!