Recycling a Scorpion.... assembly a Samson

Scorpion was boring…


Wow you did a lot of work there! Looks great. What was the base kit ?

I’m starting from Scorpion Revell

Excellent job so far

Nice surgery there and it’s looking good. Very neat work.

Fantastic work there.

WOW!..looks great!

I know it’s a WIP so alot of the alterations and some more scratch building is still to come so you may of already thought about these @smolensk .
If you want it as close to a Samson as you can, it may be worthwhile looking at a couple of areas for realism.
The LH hull fire extinguisher should be a Fixed Fire Extinguisher and not the portable type. There should be one in the kit ?
The DVRs hatch needs a return piston/dampener assembly on the RH mount. Again, you can easily convert one of the Scorpion turret hatch ones.
The exhaust pipe could do with cutting back a bit as I have never seen one that long or that shape.
The Comds cupola needs a bit of work. The front sight is a bit oversized and doesn’t really have the cowl look like you see on Spartan or Strikers. It’s about 2 thirds of the size of the one on the model. Without double checking I think there is at least one small side looking vision block which looks over the RHside, but I will double check that. There is a pintle mount for a GPMG on the right of the cupola base and there is a spotlight to the left of the front looking sight. The cupolas on Samson, Sultan and Samaritan are pretty much the same so you should get good ref pics from any of those.

I would say again the scratch building on the hull and other areas is superb and it’s looking very very good with how it is at the moment. Hope you don’t mind me chipping in with some suggestions :+1::+1:

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hello Johnnych01
criticism is always welcome. there is no other way to improve.
this model was built a few years ago using mostly photos from the book Scorpion and the CVR (T) Family by Concord and drawings on Tanks of the world.
I will send you the photos of the finished model soon

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Looking forward to seeing it… :+1:

I didn’t realise it was an old build and it had been finished, so no probs… I only will ever offer creative criticism to try and help enhance a kit… that’s how I’ve learnt so much here in the forum’s.

The second of these two books might help. It might say Belgian on the cover, but these are very much the same as the British versions as the Belgian vehicles were assembled from British-supplied parts. These books were a result of a mammoth 9-hour photo session at the Gunfire Museum in Belgium and a huge amount of co-operation from their mrvellous volunteer team.

I love the CVRT Dvr training wagon … Never seen that before… not a lot of point to it for a wagon that small but it looks quirky … I may keep an eye out on evil bay for them.