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Hmmm... I know this doesn't really belong on Armorama, but I couldn't help myself. Check out the new 1/35 scale kit from Border.

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Love the Statue of Liberty :statue_of_liberty: on the far right of the art work. Surprised the box art doesn’t have the three flying “starship troopers” riding flying robot sharks with lasers on their heads. However, if they take that thing into a bad hood they’ll get carjacked. Park it over night, they’ll find it in the morning sitting on cement blocks missing wheels and tracks.

Looks fun to build and weather. No accuracy issues to worry over. One could even pretend its a 1946 paper panzer design.


I remember when I played this game. Good times,

I actually like it from the bat s**t crazy side of things… Definitely a contender for 46/47 what if scene…


Oh boy- what a release. I can hear the theme music charging up in the background.

Here’s the full intro to the game with the Apocalypse Tank front and centre.

One of the finest C and C games ever made and one of the best RTS ever made too. So much nostalgia. I remember when installing this on the computer there was concept art of all the various vehicles.

The flying dudes are a bit wrong though- only the Allies in the game had ‘Rocketeer’ units- the Soviets had ‘Flak Trooper’s’ to defend against them. The Apocalypse tank could also fire AA missiles at them as shown on the box. In the background you can see the ‘Kirov airship’ which was quite a destructive but slow moving blimp from the Soviets. In Multiplayer mode, when one of them was built, you would hear ‘Kirov Reporting’ spoken and then you knew you had to get some defenses built damn quickly or you could kiss your base dasvidaniya!

Stoked to be able to model this in 1/35.

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Well, to be honest it’s not a million miles from Trumpeter’s 1:35 Objekt 490B:


so I suppose the world’s your oyster for sci-fi/what-if afficionados. Good for Border Model I reckon.


The double track design is also something seen recently on a vehicle being considered for purchase by the Bundeswehr- first posted here I think by @HermannB. The Luftbeweglicher Waffentrager.


I’m not sure if we’ve come a long way or not…


It’s very unique and different. I would still prefer modern Fast Attack Vehicles and dune buggies to be made in plastic (although they are available in 3D printed files).

How about the “Final Fantasy Spirits Within” Copperhead…

…or Bandit FAV in plastic?


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Oh. Nice. Needs more prism tanks. though I feel they should come in a box of 10…

Oh yeah- about ten of those and you could slice through anything on the map!

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Seriously dig this.

I was thinking the other day when going through my spare parts box that it would be cool to get creative a build something sci-fi / imaginary from the parts. This is very much aimed at that and I think i will buy it just to get creative with the spare parts. Its such a cool idea. People will slag it off and say it isnt real but we have been building E-75s, E-100s, Panther IIs and Rammtigers and their paper panzer ilk etc for ages so I dont see this as much of a leap further down the rabbit hole. As a means of getting creative i think it has enormous potential. Love it. Well done Border!


That made me chuckle Brian!

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Go For It!!! Much fun to be had, relaxing (if it doesn’t exist you can’t get it wrong), and the additional satisfaction of making something unique to yourself; let your creativity loose. There’s a certain pleasure to be had in thinking “O.K. Mr Tamiya/Trumpeter/Whoever, you might want this built one way but I bought it with my money, it’s my plastic now and I’ll do what I want with it…”. Even more so when you include stuff never meant to be part of a scale model; the other day at the pharmacy I was looking at a cheap toothbrush travel case in what looked like glueable plastic and thinking it was nicely shaped for the hull of a space battleship, anime style…




I really think it’s a hoot…I’m so tired of ANYTHING Panzer related, that this is a bit o fresh air…and totally off the wall…what fun…! I’d LOVE to see an XM800 in real plastic, those huge tires and that 20mm auto-canon…YESSSS…! After a while, WWII armour gets so long in the tooth, as there are so many co’s putting out the same vehicle, it just sucks the imagination outa me. BRING 'EM ON BORDER…!



Looking for something different, I just picked this kit up at my LHS yesterday — haven’t even opened the box yet… This because I am trying to resist the urge to start it, amidst too many other half- or nearly- finished projects — have a feeling I am going to lose that battle as it just looks like too much fun not to start (arg), and I will likely tear into it today…

Question for anyone familiar with the game, as I am not: are there any cool American or Allied fantastical tank designs from the game that we might be seeing kitted by Border Models in the future??? If so, got any pix?

Thanks in advance, Folks!

With Regards and Aloha,

Johnny B.

Yeah, because maintenance on four tracks is always easier than two… :cry:

I feel sorry for the driver, as it’s usually his job to maintain the running gear…

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the XM808 used wheels instead of tracks

I read somewhere that it was fun to drive.

I know this has been said before but I’d love to see one of these in 1:35.

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I have just cracked mine open- going to start a build log on it shortly.

In terms of Allied tanks in the game they had no tank that could go toe to toe with the Apocalypse. Standard Allied tank was the Grizzly which was faster than the Soviet’s standard tank, the Rhino.



In order to bring down one Apocalypse you needed two Grizzly tanks. I doubt Border would do the Grizzly as it was a run of the mill unit.

However, as the game progress the Allies get the Mirage tank and the Prism tank.


This was cool as it could disguise itself as a tree etc and ambush enemy units. Not great against tanks though. The weird shape would be a cool kit!


This was the coolest Allied tank- fired a big laser- but if you got two of them then double power laser, three was triple the power and so on. For me, this is the one I would want would Border to do.

Really hope they come out with another one from the game.

I hope you enjoy the kit when you get started on it.