Red Frog Hobbies

Anyone have experience with these people? Placed an order on June 19th - so far no nothing in terms of communication. . .
I guess Mega Hobby, Sprue Brothers, BNA models etc. have spoiled me!
Thanks for any info!

I ordered a couple times from them years ago. No issues. They were a Long Island based company but moved a couple (few?) years ago, not sure if ownership changed or anything with that move though.

Yes Red Frog was sold about 4 years ago and is now out of Indiana, totally different owners and management. Haven’t heard anything about them since.

Update: My order of 19 June has still not arrived and I can get no response at all from this guy. I’ve now contacted my Credit Card company and PayPal. Maybe they can get me a refund!
Needless to say this will be the last order I give to them!!

Great list of suppliers. If you’re looking for another, please keep us in mind!