Reference colors for japan jasdf/jgsdf/jmsdf camo ACU / digital / pixel / flecktarn

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I’m a french scale modeler and I build and paint japan modern vehicles and figures.

I have already paint jgsdf camo flecktarn and jasdf desert flecktarn :

Here are :

Classical jgsdf camo flecktarn :

Real picture of camo :


Classical jasdf desert camo flecktarn :

Real picture of camo :


For a camo before 1990 and after 2010 I have tried this like a bag on the turet (bag on the left of turret) :

Real pictures of camo :


I own equivalence color pattern / model scheme between Tamiya en Vallejo.

Here is the list :

Now for a JMSDF camo acu / digital color , can you guide / lead me to find references colors ? In vallejo or Tamiya or in FS / federal standard ?

Here are several pictures of jmsdf camo :

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I asked over at FB and got this answer


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Here are a few photos that I took of my JGSDF counterparts at Yamasakura 2003 during our goodbye party. There was a LOT of Sake & Beer consumed that evening… :woozy_face:

Captain Endo, our JGSDF Cell commander

First Sergeant Suzuki, the JGSDF side NCOIC for our cell

Staff Sergeant Sasamoto (center) the joker of our cell, plus a couple other JGSDF troops

The colors of their camo uniforms was very similar to our BDUs


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Oh , excellent with those ref colors of Mr Hobby Color / Gunze , now I can use a convertor between brands to find in Vallejo / Prince August :wink:

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It’s a funny moment , I can see :slight_smile: