Refilling the autoloader in a T-64


Make sure your sleeve does not get caught in that … or its good bye arm … Oh I forgot … thats already happened countless times :see_no_evil: :speak_no_evil:

Short sleeves is mandatory in many environments,
having an arm hair ripped out is less painful than
losing the whole arm.
Long hair is also a deadly risk.

When I was a kid we got a load of logs sawn down to 2 inch planks
at a small sawmill. During one of the pauses one of the old geezers
running the place told us about an accident in the 30’ies-40’ies when
one of the workers had gotten himself a good leather work jacket.
Quality leather, strong and thick with really heavy stitching to make
a durable work jacket.
His sleeve got caught on the output shaft of the big electric motor
driving the 5 foot saw blade (that thing had an evil hum when slicing
up our logs). The jacket was sturdy and didn’t rip, the sleeve stayed on
the jacket while the motor kept turning at maybe 200 - 300 RPM.
It was indeed a sturdy jacket, sturdier than he was and that’s for sure.
When they got the motor stopped, a whole lot of rotational energy
to get rid of first they took one look and left the building.
They got the village idiot and his imbecil mum in to do the clean-up.
The biggest pieces could fit in a shoebox …

Whereas with UK turret crews it was always sleeves rolled down for safety …

Tight sleeves I hope?

Depends on how may bratties or beers I had devoured lol