Reme lad baor 1989

I’m a slow builder so this has taken a couple of years but I’ve now finished the LAD part of my D Sqn 1 RTR build. The base is a meter wide but it’s still tight for all the vehicles (AA Chieftain ARRV, takom 432, AA 434 and revell landrover) all the vehicles are built as I remember them except for the ARRV which is “artistic license” as 1RTR had cent ARVs in 1989, but I love Chieftains.
The base hopefully represents a hide area on Soltau hence the red tinge to the mud/soil. Needs a few more figures but finding good ones of this era is almost impossible.


Hey some good Cold War BAOR stuff there! I must admit I nearly missed this as the title is in lower-case but that’s just the Clerk in me(!) Always good to see some BAOR kit.

If you don’t mind me saying the DPM backdrop distracts a bit, but I like the set-up. I share your frustration re the lack of figures; no one but no one seems to make decent Cold War figures, and I find it’s a case of endless sanding, Milliputting and converting, and to be honest, it can suck the life out of one, so you’ve done pretty well with what you have displayed.

Keep at it!

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