REMINDER: November's Black Friday Sales Are **THE BEST TIME TO SAVE**

American Thanksgiving’s Black Friday sales, the week of 20th November, is the best times for modelers to save on 10% and upwards discounts.

There are usually three sales a year for modelers that most vendors participate…Spring/Summer, Black Friday, and Christmas. But some vendors only have one sale a year and that is Black Friday (week or weekend) because there is no obligation for a Spring/Summer sale (some vendors copy one another and have the Spring/Summer sale) and many vendors take Christmas and New Year off so there might be an online Christmas sale, but no one in store to ship your item(s) until 2024 (And sometimes the Christmas stock is low or Sold Out because of November’s Black Friday’s sale). Thus, November’s Black Friday week(end) is the best time to save on kits, paints, tools, etc.

Check your vendors’ Facebook page for sale announcements and discount rate…or email them. You waited all this year for a sale, but do not wait for the Christmas sale.

NOTE: Some online vendors DO NOT have any sales because they believe that their prices are low enough already, so they never have any holiday sales. Best to email and ask if you’re wondering instead of waiting.


Reminder that sales have already started this week at many vendors and sellers.

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