Removing Filter Tide Marks?

I’m using A.MIG-1506 enamel Brown for Dark Green Filter on an Vietnam OD color.

After a good shaking, I apply a thin wash across the vehicle surface a section at a time, let it set for ten seconds, then use a clean brush to remove most of the still damp filter.

While it looks OK at the time, after a short while, I see tide marks around the raised areas, even though I had wiped the surrounding area.

Any ideas on 1) how to remove the tide marks, and 2) how to avoid future occurrences? I like the filters, once I have a lot of ventilation going!

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Did you wet the area first? This will allow you to feather the paint and get it to flow past the edge of where you applied it.

As to removing it, once set the only way is to dry brush paint over it or use white spirit to try and soften it and dab off. This may damage the paint under it though, depending on what you used.

I remove these marks using something that’s only just wet - a brush with nearly all the moisture wicked out, or a very slightly damp piece of kitchen paper.

To avoid it happening, you could go back to nearly-dry patches and feather their edges before they dry completely. Use a clean brush, though, or you’ll just extend the problem. Also, if you’re not using some detergent in the thinned material, I’d add a tiny droplet. It reduces surface tension, which allows beads to spread out more before they dry.

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