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Heller are to release a new tool 1/24th Renault Alouette Gendarmerie.

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Shouldn’t tha be Renault Estafette instead of Alouette?

The Renault Alouette was based on the Estafette, but was a simpler version.
Andy :slight_smile:

Okay, but the box only refers to the Estafette? This will cause confusion (see mine :wink: )
I see that the Alouette was for personal transport (8 seater)…

Heller like to make things confusing, perhaps they couldn’t be bothered to retype the box lid :joy:.
RENAULT Alouette Gendarmerie New Mould (80742) - Heller
Andy :slight_smile:

I know… My wife build a type HY and a 2CV of with an is currently building a Mehari… Reading the instructions alone leaves you quite bewildered :wink:

And where is Louis de Funes in the kit …? :smile:

Could be in the Mehari too :stuck_out_tongue:

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