Replacement couplers for Lima or Pola-Maxi 1/45 scale cars

Does anyone make replacement couplers for Pola-Maxi or Lima 1/45 scale freight cars?
I would like to replace the toy like couplers with something more realistic.

Hi Tom,

Very sorry but my searches haven’t found anything useful. Kadee makes replacement but I only found them for HO and N. Fleischmann, too.

What country are you in? Maybe you can find a railroad club for your scale and they can tell you?

I’’ keep looking for a while.

Thanks, I’m in the US.

I was able to find some Brawa couplers designed for Lenz freight cars. I think they should work.

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Hi Tom,

Good news, Thanks for letting us know.

When you mount them, would you be willing to post a photo or two and tell us how well they work? You may be the font of information somebody else needs. :grinning: :wave: