Replacement for Model Master enamels?

Hi Everyone, with MM’s enamels off the market- seemingly with no replacement planned, whats my next-best as far as enamel paints are concerned.

Thinking ODS US colors, later OIF.

Im getting bored with priming before a/b Tamiya and Vallejo acrylics - Yes, even Badger Stynlrez!


I may be wrong but the next closest in enamel,I think is testors,in the small bottles,I’ve been stocking up thru HobbyLinc,they have some sets and single colors in flats,they have a sale going on now.price is well,ehhhh,I remember when I got them for .20,but with everything in this hobby , methinks it’s what the buyer will bear.

Are you priming the models with enamels prior to painting with Tamiya acrylics? If so, the small square bottles were the same formula as MM, just without the variety.

Personally I’ve gone to thinning Tamiya with lacquer thinner (the same stuff you buy in hardware stores). I don’t need to use a primer then.


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Humbrol. They’re not available at every LHS, but they have a great selection range and are better enamels.


Here’s a cross reference chart that may help.

If you’re determined to stay with enamels, go with Humbrol if you can find them. However, since you’re changing paint, I strongly suggest you try AK Real Colors. They are lacquer and have a huge range of specific armor colors. Thin them with Mr. Color Leveling Thinner and you get perfect paint jobs with trouble free airbrushing sessions. There’s no need to prime, either.

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No, ive been priming with Badger’s Stynlrez. Easy enough to a’ brush but with a 500 - piece M915 its a lot of extra time at the booth…….

Thanks Charlie.

Thanks Tom, Im not averse to changing paint, having started out “finishing” early efforts in Vallejo primer…… Then moving onto Vallejo Air and Tamiya acryl.

If I can find an AK that matches MM Sand enamel in color and convenience i’d be very happy.

Just invested in the Mission Models olive/faded olive drab system. Keen to hear if anyone’s tried the stuff yet?

I bought this trying to clean Mr Prime metal primer off brushes. It melted the cheaper one I left overnight.

Use as a thinner? I’ll try it.

Thanks for your advice.

Before I went acrylic, I used nothing but Humbrol enamels. I highly recommend them.

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Thanks Gustav!

I tried the MM paint. Sprays good. I do find it weird you have to use their additive to make it not react with subsequent brushed on coats. I found this out after trying to hand paint over it and it activated the layer underneath.

I love their enamel, Gino turned me onto it. Pity its coming off the market!