Replacement or detailing parts for old Revell USS Buckley needed

I have this model that I built when I was just a kid. It’s missing some parts that were lost over time. I want to do some rebuilding and bring it back to decent display status. My question is does anyone make replacement parts for this kit? Thanks in advance!

Try looking on Shapeways. I know that site is hard to navigate, but many 3-D printed parts to be found there can replace kit parts. Also look at Tom’s Modelworks for brass items.

Gold Medal models makes a dedicated set for this kit

Model Monkey offers the guns, a funnel and some other stuff

Good luck finding parts, I built this in 2011 and it was a fun build! Always liked the string railings.

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Thank you!

Thanks! I’ll check it out.

Good looking model! Nicely done.

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This model is still available from some model sites and eBay for a reasonable price

I have been considering getting a “new” one but for now just want to do some renovation to my “oldie” and re-work it as the “Haynes/Whitehurst” as in the Movie The Enemy Below. I did however, order a Trumpeter 1/350 “England” to build later. Thanks.

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I started to build this kit in 2012. I was able to find some additional parts from HR products. As I remember, the parts were white metal and a lot more accurate than the kit parts. I ordered guns, directors, anchors and a lot of other bits. Here is their address from the order form.
HR Products, Inc.
Post Office Box 67
McHenry, Illinois 60051
i don’t know if they are still in business but this may give you some more search options.
Good luck!