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A superb build of a Taiwan (Republic of China) M48A1 Patton Tank with fantastic subtle weathering. The Republic of China (Taiwan) once acquired hundreds of M48A1/A2s. They were modernized to the M48A3/ROC standard, but still had a short operational range.

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Th M48/M60 series tanks are damned confusing quite frankly, 3 return rollers 5 return rollers, top loading filters side loading filters, radiused light guards or angled light guards, straight glacis scalloped glacis, vision ring cupola, flat hatch cupola, IDF cupola. Sheesh!
This is a fine looking model, weathered very realistically, the gun mantlet is nicely blended as well.
Wonder how General Patton would have felt knowing his namesake was operated by the Chinese Army? (Or was it even named “Patton”?)

Cajun :crocodile:

Yes, it was officially named the Patton series of tanks. He would probably be fine with the ROC using them since they were originally Chiang Kai-shek’s Nationalist forces who were fighting the Communist Chinese. They fled to Taiwan after their defeat in 1949. The US and west has supported them since then. That is part of why the China - Tiawan rift still exists today.

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A fine build - which kit was it? And who is the modeller? Is this Adie’s own work? (Many of his “inspirations” credit others…)

Yes, what kit is it. I was not aware there was any 48A1 available. All I have seen is A2’s and A3’s

No idea which kit it is since he never gives any real info and the builder usually does not post these.

Dragon has had a pretty good M48A1 for some time though.

I did a build review of it in June of '16.

I :heart: Kit (Trumpeter) just released one recently too.

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It is the Dragon kit with aftermarket tracks and mantlet. (judging by the spring parts for the loader’s hatch, since the I love kit equivalents are much more different).

Hi Guys, this Taiwanese Army M48A1 was built by me. it is a Dragon M48A1 kit with DEF Model “M48A1/A2 Early type mantlet canvas cover set” and the T97E2 tracks from AFV Club. I wish you like it.


Welcome to the site, and congratulations for this fine model, excellent weathering!

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That’s a mighty fine model you built! Welcome aboard, and looking forward to seeing more of your work.

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Welcome aboard. Your model looks great. Good job on it.

I have a question, how did your model get posted? Does Addie Roberts contact yo and ask for your permission, or does it just get posted and you found it? More info on his methods would be appreciated as would more info in his posts about the models and builders.

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Thank you!

He did contact me and obtained my consent to post it. Thank you!!

Thanks a lot!

Good to know. I’m glad it brought you over to the site as well.

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I think it is a great job! However, isn’t the Dragon kit OOP? I can’t find it anywhere.


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An excellent looking model there Jacky! Great finish and weathering as well.

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Bill, the same A1 parts are also in their Magach 1&2, and Magach 3 kits - that improves your odds of finding one!

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Thank you!