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Award-winning sensational build from modeller Raymond Cheung, of the Bandai M61A5 Main Battle Tank “Semovente” Phantom Element that he has added various scratch-built parts to it, the diorama has quite a bit of scratch building also

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Really awesome diorama and builds! This base must be HUGE!

I can’t tell if that’s LED in the barrel muzzle flash or excellent “explosive painting.”

The addition of a rear remote turret gun and tank commander’s armored shields makes for really nice and unique additions. The tank’s paint and weathering look phenomenal as do the dust clouds.

One thing that confuses me though is the Zaku’s position. Is the robot rising from the dirt, stuck in the dirt, fell into the dirt or is that a hole or a pond it is standing in? I didn’t understand how the Zaku could get so low and level with the tank’s twin barrels for a chest hit.

I also would have preferred that the photos could be clickable for enlargement.

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Yeap a really first rate piece with some awesome effects. Probably the most realistic muzzle flashes I’ve seen on a model and the dust is convincing too. I like the various bits of stencilling, areas of different color and the stowage on the tank. The mobile suit is pretty darn good too with similar areas of different color and detail.

I agree the position is a bit in-distinct. For a minute I thought it might be almost like it was rising up through low cloud to attack the tank on a cliff road or something along those lines. But based on the bits of base around the suit it appears to me like its coming up out of the ground.

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