Resin brands- which way to go?

Hi all, Ive got Trumpies M915 and M920 kits enroute and I’m pondering the idea of an M915 guntruck. First question, is the Miniman g/t kit a better option to the MMK conversion?

Second thing is, Miniman make an M917 dump, but with Trumpie releasing the M920 tractor, is the writing on the wall for an M917 to follow?

Price and complexity of build are considerations too.

Any views, news or opinions would be valued.

Miniman guntruck is an amazing kit. The resin is perfect and the kit I got was one of the best resin casts I have in my stash. I think I got one of the last kits, now it is OOP and very hard to find.

I also have some MMK conversions and… well, Miniman would be my first option.

Hope it helps,

Thanks Mario, that helps. Any pics of your build available?

Looking at their site, it seems to be back in production. Or maybe the site needs updating.

Sorry for the late reply…

I haven’t built the kit yet. I hope to start with it one day when I feel my skills could do it justice.

Yes, it seems on Miniman site the Guntruck kit is available. Did you ask the company if the model is back in production?


Thanks Mario

I will contact them next week and I hope its BIP. Im slowly working my way through my ODS stash so wont get to this for awhile, if its available.

I know what you mean about matching skills to the challenge of the kit!

I don’t know about this specific kit. However, I placed orders from both MMK and Miniman on Nov 1. The MMK kit arrived in about 2 weeks. I still haven’t received the Miniman kit. They claim to have shipped it twice; but, won’t provide any shipping details…

How is the MMK kit?

I haven’t started building it yet. The parts are well cast - no voids or pin holes, nothing obviously warped. Arrived without damage. Instructions are photos with arrows.

Thanks for that. They make a water trailer that looks nice for when I get to my OIF stash.