Resin heads for Tamiya (and Miniart) WW2 Soviets

I have some Tamiya soviet assault infantry 35207. I’m thinking some resin heads might improve them a little. Does anyone have experience adding resin heads to them? I see Alpine, Hornet, and Firestorm all make resin heads. Wondering if they all look ok together with them?

I’d like to add some Miniart Russian tank riders at some point and have the same question about pairing with them. Experience with that?

I have added an Alpine head to a Tamiya/ICM German figure without too much trouble as I recall. I like to paint head separate but on a conversion like this I would attach the head first so you can adjust as needed. Sometimes you might need to open the collar more and/or slim the neck down to make it work.

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I’ve used Tamiya figs and Hornet heads a few times and as @Tank_1812 said you may need a bit of work. What I would usually do is drill into the neck/collar area starting with a small bit and gradually widening it to accept the neck of the resin head. Hornet heads usually have long necks so you can sort of snip them where you need and file/sand until it fits the bit you’ve drilled.

Just be sure to watch you don’t drill through any detail on the collar- I’ve done that a few times :smile:!


I recommend leaving the heads unglued. Just tuck a tiny piece of Blu-Tak into the neck cavity. This allows for micro adjustments after deciding on final figure placement… eye contact. HTH.


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