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Resin Manufacturer Scottcast is releasing both the Mk. 1 and Mk. 2 Coventry armored cars in 1/35th scale.

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The kits can be purchased from AMS Paints & Accessories in the UK.


Cool! :smiley:
Nice to finally see kits in 1/35th scale.

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They are a family business run from home based in Scotland. I have used them countless times and they provide a top service. Very good customer service and highly recommended.

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Thats are rather attractive looking vehicle to be fair. :thinking:


If they are anything to do with that old Scottish company I would steer well clear - I bought one of their rip-off scabby resin Pzkpfw I resin kits and it was horrendous.
In the end I took it from my stash and stamped it into the ground.
Ah, that was it Crappurate Amour

To be clear, I was referring to AMS who stock Scottcast kits. I have never built any Scottcast stuff. Just checked AMS site and they dont mention it yet, also, ref Scottcast, I did see a build where someone used the RHIENMETAL 120mm TURRET CONVERSION FOR CHALLENGER 2 (from that company) and it looked pretty good, so maybe you experienced an older defunct firm ??

If you are indeed referring to Accurate Armour, then for balance alone I must say I have a) found their products well produced and of a high quality, with good instructions, and b) their after-service excellent. If I have ever have any problem, I email, and receive a rapid acknowledgement, with say, the offer of replacement parts.

On occasion, inevitably perhaps with nature of the resin casting process, there will be the odd flaw or glitch, but as I say, I have found their responses courteous and professional.


I will second that Boots.
Any missing or missed shaped, Derek will resend, even years after buying.


Roger that Frank; one could not wish for a better service.

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