Resin Putty

Got something really cool this week. While watching a Will Pattison YouTube video last week, he shared a new resin putty that cures when exposed to UV light. I had to try it. I bought the light for $15 and the putty for $27 both on Amazon. Putty comes in fine or coarse grain and remains workable until you expose it to the UV light for 10-30 seconds when “bang” it’s dry and sandable. Should be awsome on fuselage seams. Used it on the Tupolev G-5 to fill small bubble holes on the hull. So far… Awesome stuff.


Many years ago dental composite fillings were cured via a UV light. A number of dentists ended up with skin cancer due to that UV light.

Wear surgical type gloves to protect you hands from the UV light.

Test the putty to see if it will also cure via blue wavelength halogen light. That’s what is commonly used now in dentistry.

Either way… protect your eyes. Amber lensed safely glasses will work.


More info on Colad UV Putty…colad uv-curing-system UV putty-fine


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Well noted. It seems that just about anything that has anything to do with resin materials has safety concerns. Our hobby has alot of safety issues … Harsh chemicals and glues, sharp pointy things, etc.


I have no idea what contact risks the putty may bring. I just stuck with what I learned over the years regarding UV light, skin risks and eye protection.


Always better to be on the safe side especially when it comes to eyesight.


With a month’s use behind me I can honestly say that this stuff is worth every penny. For aircraft wing roots this stuff works very similar to plastic putty. You fill in the crack and then come back with a Qtip and wipe off the excess, then expose it to the UV light and bingo…you’re done. No waiting for filler to dry and best of all - none or very little sanding. All in a very, very short timespace. :grinning: