Retractable bow planes -- when in? When out?

With work on my Bronco Borei-class now recommenced, I have to make a decision about whether to model the bow planes extended or retracted. So, I’m wondering what the normal modes of operation for a boat like this would be?

Clearly, when diving or surfacing, bow planes would be extended, and retracted when berthed.

But what about cruising while submerged (as I intend to model her)? In or out?

A submarine cruising underwater is essentially “flying” under water, using horizontal rudder surfaces to control “altitude”. The aft control planes alone do not have enough influence to provide total control.
The need for an altitude change can come suddenly and in that case there may not be anough time to deploy the forward control planes. May also want to avoid making noise by running out the control planes …

Simple answer - under water they are deployed.

And surfaced - even cruising - apparently they are not…