Return to mini Painting

Painting the large scale mcfarlane Warhammer 40k figures has got me back in to mini painting , this is just a quick little vignette with a couple of DnD Frameworks figures


Nicely done…I used to enjoy painting my D &D figures …may have to dig them out and see what they look like after 30 years lol…


I have a few in a box somewhere too…


Used to play D&D every weekend in my 20’s and 30’s. I love that game. I’ve got about 30 Ral Partha figures in a tin somewhere in the basement. Dragonlance! I read all those books! I’ve still got a 12th level ranger character sheet somewhere…


Nice work. Interesting display method.

Stole a Cupcake Cloche from the Wife ,got a bunch of them that have never been used so I thought why not :sunglasses: :rofl:

I was just looking at one of those at the local cake shop. Wondering about the price but I never did look for a price tag.

Nice paint work on those figures :+1:t3: