Revell 1/32 Cobra

i was rummaging through the stash and i came across this old kit and i wondered what it would need to bring it up to date ad i haven’t found much in the way of build reviews


I have 2 of these in my stash. I was going to upgrade one to an AH-1F, noticed this on the site

theres also these

The kit is from 1967. If it is anything like their UH-1D, it will take a lot of effort. Hopefully, it fits better than the Huey. I built the UH-1D as a kid and the fuselage halves wouldn’t fit together over the interior.

There is a number aftermarket items that can be used a lot depends on the version you want to make. Early war, later war, m35 system etc.

For mine, I have Quinta Studio details, Werner Wing canopy, Fireball Models and Werner Wing resin/3D printed ordinances.

Just ordered the ICM/Special Hobby Marine kit. I will use the extra decal on my Revell. I will try to port over the details as needed.

Many things are available now that the ICM/Special Hobbies is out. Werner’s Wings has a new canopy which is essential. Also you’ll need a cockpit. The rest is okay, not in the same class as the ICM/SH kits but it builds up nicely. It needs some love.
Here are my Revell kits.



Fireball models got out of the helicoptr aftermarket set a while ago didnt they?

i think they only do aftermarket tyre sets now

what’s wrong with the Revell cockpit glass?

Joseph did for direct sales but he still has a few items at Shapeways. Reviewing his store the this morning no items for 1/32 but some for 1/48 and 1/24.

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Floyd can correct me but I thought it was shape and clarity.

It is the shape of the glass, there is no bulging sides. Also the clarity of the kit part is not very good. Werner’s Wings canopy fixes both of those issues.

I’m also coming out with M-158, M-159/200 and M-157 rocket pods for the 1/32nd scale Cobra


Nice model. Fond memories of it.

Here is a build review:

Mr. Werner, I also built mine for the 2d Bn, 20th Aerial Rocket Artillery, 1st CAV Div.

Floyd, when I build my next one, I will check out your canopy and weapons.

Do you make a cockpit for it?

I do not. Look for the Cobra Company one on the secondary market. Well worth the search

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Floyd, thanks for the reply. I have thought about the Cobra Company set in the past but I figured I’d buy from you if you had any.

I have a package deal for sale that includes the CC cockpit, CC 20mm gun, Fireball tail, and Floyd’s canopy if interested.

I appreciate that.