Revell 1:35 Jagdpanzer Kanone

I’ve shown a pic of this model sometime ago, but as I’m backloading some of my older models - and this is one - I thought I’d post a few more images just for the historical record as it were.

We’re all more than aware of the shortcomings of this kit, especially the tracks, hatches etc, but it was fun building it, although I must stress some time ago; it’s a bit sloppy in places and the grass mat I used has lifted with the passage of time. It was very frustrating not being able to install a crew but at the time I was aware that the hatches were not correct. To be honest, I probably wouldn’t be quite so fastidious these days - I must be mellowing (or getting even sloppier!)

I also note that I didn’t add any wear and tear around the exhaust; I think at the time I didn’t even know where the exhaust actually was.

Anyway, here’s looking forward to the new kit from Das Werk.


Thanks for sharing! Looks great!

That exact kit had long been on my want to build list.

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That’s a fantastic job Brian. I love the finish and coat of dust you have there. Great job, and the groundwork looks great too. Reminds me of those German roads.
I have this kit in the stash, are there any update sets for it? We really could use a new tool kit of this vehicle.

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Well, thanks folks!

Perfect Scale Modellbau do a couple of updates for it including resin tracks. I have the hull replacement piece (which addresses the hatches I believe), and another Revell kit in the stash, so am pursuing that route:

PSM also do a replacement resin gun barrel, but RB Model do a turned metal one. Friul do tracks which I’ve yet to procure.

In the meantime, as I alluded to, there is a new tool coming sometime this year from Das Werk; see Scalemates here:

Kanonenjagdpanzer/Beobachtungspanzer, Das Werk DW35031 (2023) (


Funny how the Bundeswehr went with a KwK style muzzle brake instead of the T or Y style used on the M47 or M48 90mm guns.
Very nicely done Brian! You have once again captured the look of the era.

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Beatiful job!
remember the rails of MG
Question: which color do you use for oil stain?

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Thank you for your comments; I am not too sure what “oil stains” you are referring to. If you mean the dark patches on the hull and suspension, they are meant to represent fresh mud thrown up by another passing tracked vehicle (as I have often observed).

Other than that my methodology (back then - some time ago now) is to finish the model in the base colour, then apply a gloss varnish. This helps the adhesion of decals, and the application of a wash of burnt sienna and black (mixed together). I then dry brush, before sealing the whole in a matt varnish. I did not consciously apply any oil stains; however, I now realise that I should have applied some wear and tear around the exhaust, but as I indicated above, back then I wasn’t even sure where or what the exhaust even was!


OK, so where is the exhaust?



Robin beat me to it! A bit of black pastelling would have worked wonders.

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I was too frickin curius to wait for an answer.
Lovely sound of that engine though :grin:


Sadly there appears to be no sound on this one, but this is how I remember them; low, fast and powerful-looking. I recall a Company’s worth or thereabouts roaring through the same village we were exercising in - nothing too strange about that - we were always bumping up against other units/nations on exercise. But that day, back in what I believe was 1972 when I was at a Corps HQ made quite an impression on me. It was impossible not to see the Wehrmacht lineage, but it was the speed, the noise and just the sheer interest of another Army’s kit that lasted. I was only 17 and probably easily impressed mind!

bundeswehr jagdpanzer kanone - Google Search

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Hi Brian, thanks for posting. I have the 2008 edition in my stash witn PSM am tracks someone gifted me. I have been wanting to build and improve it using my 3D printing capability.
Can you tell me more about how to fix the hatches? They don’t look too complicated to CAD. Besides the 6 periscopes on the commander’s cupola, instead of the 8, what are the major necessary fixes?

Kind regards,

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To be honest James, with the passage of time I can’t quite remember, save I recall being very frustrated that I couldn’t install figures. Having had a look at the instructions on Scalemates I think it’s because Revell haven’t really allowed them to be modelled open; it looks like they’re the lift & swing type so should be an easy enough fix, but back then I just didn’t have sufficient info.

Good luck with whatever you model.

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Thanks for your prompt reply, Brian. It’s still helpful.

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I’ve just had a look at my Perfect Scale Modellbau conversion/update set and the 2 hatches look to be the same as those on Leo 1; here’s an image of the PSM component showing the configuration; PSM also provide the correct number of vision blocks. These 2 x images are taken from the PSM site - I’m sure Gerold won’t mind:

it’s all probably perfectly fixable using the Revell parts but I went the easy way some time ago and purchased the PSM article; with a Valkyrie crew it should all work out (although I’ve still to get some tracks).


James, when I built it the biggest problem was a lack of flange for the hatches to rest on when closed, so I had to add plastic strips underneath to keep the hatches from falling in. Detail on them isn’t great, especially the loader’s one, and of course Revell can’t count periscopes! This affects the orientation of the TC hatch in particular. Oh, and the MG rings are far too thick. The PSM parts replace all this, and you even get openable driver’s hatch too.

But I’ll wait to see what Takom offers…


Nice model Brian. I just love the Jagdpanzer Kanone. Couldn’t resist posting this one from the Tank Museum collection.


It’s in the Vehicle Conservation Centre, along with many many other tanks and AFV’s. The centre is open for viewing from a gallery, for an hour on most days I think, but on special events you can go in and walk the rows and rows of vehicles.


It’s just so mean looking!

I tried for ages to get into the “hidden” collection but gave up in the end. I was very keen to see a prototype Chieftain in there (not least as I want to build one based on the ancient Tamiya kit), and to re-acquaint myself with a Yugoslav BOV armoured car; I was, dare I say it, ahem, instrumental in getting it back to the Tank Museum from Bosnia when I was there - back in 97/98.


Yes, mean indeed. The Yugoslav BOV story sounds interesting. The “hidden” collection is very interesting. So many early cold war british prototypes. Sadly they only open it up for Tankfest and Tiger day, and perhaps one or two other special events. It is always very popular, but due to the dreaded “elf and safety” they have to have a number of guides on duty there to keep an eye on folk, and of course answer questions. I am sure you would love it Brian! Quite coincidentally, I was in there on Tankfest Friday the week before last, during a break from the modelling display in the main museum. As I was wearing my Tank museum volunteer “uniform”, I did get asked a few questions, one of which was from a very puzzled looking chap who pointed at the Jpz Kanone we were standing next to and asked “what on earth is that?”! I was able to put him out of his misery and explain of course :grin: at great length!

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