Revell 1/48 F/A-18E Super Hornet

Hello everyone. Sharing my work on this Revell F/A-18E (1/48). Had some fit issues but managed to bring her to the finish line. Mostly an armor modeler so ended up weathering a lot of the plane. Thanks for looking!


Very nice work! Really looks the part.

Michael :stuck_out_tongue:

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Nice. Love the head on shot :+1:

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Thanks a bunch! :slight_smile:

Thanks :smiley: I like that angle as well - especially after seeing it in movies

Looks good. Where did you have fit issues? I have this kit (reboxed as the Top Gun Maverick kit) and it would be nice to know what to expect.

The fit of the wings, elevator, rudder, and pylons are pretty good - the elevator and rudder are actually just friction fit. The gear bay doors have slightly vague attachment points - dry fitting is good advice. The fit of the two wing/fuselage halves is not bad, but there’s a bit of a gap that needs to be addressed in the leading edge underneath the plane. The intakes also leave a gap when attached to the fuselage - and this area is hard to sand properly - I advise using putty like vallejo which can be cleaned up with water after you apply it as to not leave a mess.

The worst fit issues can be found in the forward fuselage and the area around the cockpit. Care will be needed to get everything aligned, and even if you do a good job there will still be gaps left over. I also applied a bit of vallejo putty to the joint between the clear canopy and the fuselage as I wasn’t happy with how large the cap was, but that might partly be due to me not aligning the joint.

Good luck with yours! I very nearly did mav’s plane too with the markings from my Hobby Boss kit but I decided to work with the revell kit’s decals - which were pretty mediocre in whole honestly. I think the revell maverick decals behave much better.

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Nice looking Hornet! My all time favorite aircraft! You did a great job. The head on shot with it loaded up with ordinance looks really menacing