Revell 1/72 Panther D

Hi everyone. First post here. I’ve been away from scale armor building for many years but have not stop building. I build HO scale diorama based on German landscape as I have a deep passion for half-timbered houses.

I found a 1/72 scale Panther D in my old stash and built it OOB. The main purpose of this build is to focus on practicing all the new weathering techniques.

Simple camo

Tried some chipping with sponge

Finished model. Constructive comments are most welcome.

Will be doing a base to display the tank and may be add some figures (still waiting for Caesar figurines to arrive). Thanks for looking :grinning:.


Welcome Collin and a great offering to show us all in your first post. After X amount of years away, you should give yourself a deserving pat on the back for the Panther. Great effort on all fronts. It looks really good, and a nice subtle weathering.
Would be also interesting to see some of these HO dio’s you mentioned.

Hi Johnnych01,
Thanks for the kind words. You can see some of my diorama on Flickr. Here is the link: HO Diorama Albums

That’s some great work there!

Just had a look at some of those Dio albums … They look amazing and so well detailed. Some brilliant pieces there, painstaking work, but worth it for those results. :+1::+1:

Thanks guys. @Johnnych01, Since I started building models, I always wanted to build a diorama. Due to lack of skills, especially in figure painting, I eventually gave up. The passion came back after I got into railroad modeling. I hope one day I can make a decent 1/72 military diorama.

Back to the base. I cut a piece of pink insolation foam and covered the top with DAS clay. I sprinkled on Scenic Express fine and coarse dirt and soil before the clay set. Then the ground work was painted with Michaels craft paints with 3 different earth tone and blended them before they dried.

Once it’s dried, I gave it different brown tone washes, using wet on wet technique and finally drybrush with ivory color. Again I used Michaels craft paint. For ground work and terrain, I feel that it is more economical to paint them with cheap craft paint.

Next I planted grass turfs with various lengths and colors. These are all home made, using static grass applicator.

The base was then covered with diluted white glue and static grass was added. I used 2mm, 4mm and some 6mm static grass from Silflor and Noch.

I will add more textures once the glue is set.


The base is done. The fir trees are from Faller.

I added various ground scatters, from Bush, Noch, Scenic Express, and Woodland Scenic.

With the Panther…


Not my scale but a nice tight little scene. Effective weathering, not overdone. :+1: :+1:

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That is a perfect little scene … lovely groundwork.

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I love the artistry of your Panther D! However, the pistol ports are missing from either side of the turret. It could be that they are there but are too small for my old-age eyes to see, but they are not obvious.


Hi Bill, your eyes are fine. The ports are missing in the Revell kit.

Thanks. However, the work you did is exceptional.

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Very nice ballance between the vehicle and the terrain.

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