Revell 1930 Ford Model A Coupé

Here is my Revell 1930 Ford Model A Coupé. It is essentially straight from the box, and it’s sort of a mix (marking wise) between a WWII US Army tank & a USAAF fighter bomber (P-47D?). Color is Tamiya AS-14 USAF Olive Green. Interior is Dupli-Color Aluminum.



Jim, congratulations on a fantastic build!:+1::blush:

It always looks great when 2-3 different concepts come together to make a great result such as this :slightly_smiling_face:

Thanks, Russell. The kit went together really well. Only had one minor panic moment when I thought I lost a headlight lens. Had to use a spare from the Revell 1929 Ford Model A Roadster.


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Well done for sure. The paint and decal scheme really screams Hot Rod during the war years. I also got a smile out of your license plate: COUPE AV


Thanks, Joel. Glad you like it. The license plate is right from the Revell decal sheet.


Tough looking rod Jim, very nice work!

Cheers, D

Thanks, D.


Very well built Jim. Love the theme and the details!!

Thanks, Joseph.


Beautiful work J. The worn star and V8 is a cool touch.

That looks fantastic

Thanks, guys. I appreciate the comments.