Revell 1947 Kurtis Kraft Midget Race Car

Picked this kit up a little while ago from a friend of mine on another Forum:

Not a bad kit. Really small. Guess that’s the point. Here is my version of the 1947-ish Kurtis Kraft Midget Racer:

Yes, the dulled chrome is part of the kit along with the P/E steering wheel spokes, dashboard, and hood straps. Color is Tamiya Gloss Black TS-14.

Thanks for looking.



Nice little build Jim, not a subject we see often. Great finish on the paint and decals, I can see where JPS got there colour combo from now.

Cheers, D

Thanks, D. It was a fun little build, and it doesn’t take up much shelf space. I do like the black & gold. Did the Tamiya JPS Lotus 79 back in 1985. Don’t have it anymore, though.


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Mel Kenyon would have liked it!

Who’s Mel Kenyon?


the greatest midget driver ever. His skills are still copied to this day. Guys like Vogler and Foygt learned from.

Oh, didn’t know that. Don’t know much about midget racing, actually. I just needed a small car to fill a spot in the cabinet, & a friend of mine had this. It fit the bill, and it’s pretty cool.


there was a fellow casting resin midgets, champ cars ( we called them "upright cars), and maybe even sprint cars for awhile, but heard he’d passed away. His stuff was about as good as it could get. He even had Offy, Miller 91, and some other big name engines. I met him at the Indy show, and was set to get three or four kits when he died

Very nicely done. Your build does bring back memories of watching Midget racing on ESPN Thursday Night Thunder years ago. Small cars, but really big time action.


Thanks, Joel. Never actually seen these cars on track.