Revell '41 Willys "Demon II"

I always had an eye for the Street Demons kits as a kid and a newfound interest in them as an adult. I’ve taken on 3 Demon builds and entitle every one of my updated ones as “Demon II”. There were 6 in all that were released in 1983 if I recall correctly.

So I found a Pro Street version from Revell that was released in the early 2000’s and decided to do a mix up with the much older Street Demon Willys

I don’t really care for the gasser look that a few of those SD kits had…………this one in particular. In staying with the theme I set out to change things up a little bit in the way of a slight color change up, stance, powertrain and interior.

Powertrain : Came from the Revell 1968 Hemi Dart kit with upgrades to the ignition, fuel and throttle linkage systems.

Wheels: From Future Attractions. I had my machine shop at work cut the rear wheels in half due to the fact that they were just too dang wide to use with the tires I had.

Paint: Testors Icy Blue Lacquer, Testors White Lightning Lacquer and Testors Wet Look Clear all decanted and shot through an airbrush.

Decals: Speedway Decals

Some more interior shots:

Additional engine shots


Spectacular detailing

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Thanks sprue one!

That is fantastic. Not easy to put that much detail into a model and still keep it looking clean.
Excellent craftsmanship.

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Beautiful job & excellent photography as well - giving me the itch to model a car again …

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Wow!!! A true winner for sure :trophy:

I’m not a Hot Rod type of guy, but the '41 Willys always had a special place in my heart. Just loved the total look. Not sure why, but even to this day is sure does.

Your build is absolutely perfect. i couldn’t see a single issue anywhere. The paint and clear coat is just outstanding. Not a drop of the dreaded Orange Peel, just a finish smooth as silk. Your Testors decanted gloss clearcoat looks as good as the 2K Urethanes finishes I’ve seen.

You really blew me away when you just happen to have mentioned that you had your machine shop at work cut those AM rear wheels in half. Now that’s modeling on a whole new scale.

The engine looks really quite mean and lean. Just enough added details to fool one’s eye that it’s totally complete. The clamps on the water radiator hose is a perfect example, easy to see it’s a separate clamp, not molded on to a plastic hose. And those twin 4 barrel carbs just scream power out at the viewer.

Looking forward to more of your amazing work for sure.


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Thanks Rick! It took me a little time to figure out exactly how I wanted to pull this all off but once I started building I just went with it.

Thanks RDT. I really appreciate the encouragement. As far as building a car model again…DO IT!!! :slightly_smiling_face:

Joel I really appreciate you chiming in buddy. Thank you for those compliments. The 41 Willy’s has always been one of my all time faves…right in behind the '56 F-100. Wet Look Clear is the ONLY way to go IMO.

Joseph, that is an absolute beauty of a build. I love the attention to detail and the paint job is wonderful. I think my favourite little add-in would be the footprint go-faster pedal! :heart_eyes:

Honestly, the only small thing I would add to the finish would be a black wash in the intakes. The only problem that I see there is that the detail on the intake screen is quite soft, so you could possibly add in a small circle of fine mesh then give it a wash and dry-brush the mesh.

Cheers, D

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Sorry I’m just now getting back to you D. Thank you for your comments and the input bud. I did think about the mesh in the carburetor air horns but couldn’t find anything fine enough at the time. The camera didn’t pick up alot of the wash that I put on there and I didn’t want to go overboard with it. I did have alot of fun with this build as I’ve always wanted to have a redo of this car from my younger years.

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