Revell '56 Ford F-100 "Demon II"

A couple of years ago I decided to re-visit an old childhood fave of mine. I was drawn to the Street Demons series and even more drawn to the 56 Ford F-100 offering in that series. I ended up doing a total revamp of that kit when I did sit down to have a “second go” at that kit. Little did I remember just how awful that kit really was (or was it that it didn’t really matter at such a young age----I just built it) but I did end up finding out that kit really had its challenges. After completing the revamp kit in 2015 I found out that I’d learned a valuable lesson in my adult modeling in regards to just how far I’m going to go with detailing a kit and more importantly how much money NOT to throw at a build. I detailed it to the point that I dread handling it every time I pick it up to take it to shows or if I have to do a photo shoot like you’ll see below.
To flash forward to around August of 2017, I’d been wanting to build another 56 for a while and then along came the Foose 56 F-100. Man…the body was totally tweaked and the appearance of this truck was so much sleeker than the original F-100’s were. My imagination went into overdrive at the possibilities. I had Thomas over at Speedway Decals go to work on fabricating the slides I’d need to pull this, more refined Demon version, off.
I kept the power and drive train and made some modifications to the rear suspension to narrow the rear end and lower it even more while retaining all of the original four link suspension parts. I had to cut the bed and make fender wells for the much wider tires that were to go in the rear. I tried to detail the engine up as much as I could using all of the OOB parts for the engine. I didn’t want to have to modify this and modify that to retain the original look of the Roush engine (which is one of the best engines I’ve built modeling wise-save for that stupid hole in the oil pan for the metal axle to pass through ! I turned to Weld Draglite wheels once again for this this newer version. The front wheels are from a Revell Pro Stock Camaro kit and the rears are from Competition Resins with a coat of Molotow Chrome shot through an airbrush and cleared with Spaz Stix Ultimate Clear. After that a coat of Tamiya Smoke was airbrushed onto all wheels to tone down the “toy chrome” look.
Paint is Testors Semi Gloss Black as a base color with Testors “Wet Look” clear bringin’ up the shine. Both were decanted and shot through an airbrush to get the smoothest results possible. Flame masks from Anarchy Models and Alclad II Polished Aluminum ensured a nice smooth flame job. The “Foose” lettering was removed from the tail gate and F-O-R-D lettering was applied in its place.
If I had any words of caution about this kit I would say that the interior tub needs to be installed BEFORE setting the cab down onto the truck frame and to make sure to test fit the hood AFTER installing the radiator core support brace. I test fitted it before installing it and it fit perfect …only to find out that it didn’t afterwards. Some gentle sanding cleaned it up enough to fit in the end. Also…make SURE then engine is all the way down in the mount slots provided. I had to risk and “all or nothing” attempt at forcing it straight and luckily I got by with it. Overall I was very happy with this kit as it’s a solid build that takes to handling well and it just felt like everything “clicked” together unlike a lot of the older kits that I tend to build…especially with any mods.

With all that being said, here’s the finishing shots:

Once put along side the original “Demon I” (which the front plate on it reads Demon 3 in the series of 6-I didn’t know two years ago that I’d be building another one) the differences are painfully obvious in the overall shape of the truck-particularly in the areas of the fenders , grille area and cab height). I took full advantage of these differences to make a more aggressive looking pro street truck this time around.

For the side to side shot I just had to put the ol’ Boss 429 truck in the lead. :wink:


Great stuff Joseph! The aggressive stance on Demon II is spot on, and the detailing and finish is really wonderful. The pair together look great, a tough duo by any measurement.

Thanks for sharing your images and thoughts on the Foose kit with us, much appreciated.

Cheers, D

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Thanks D! I’ve got another one of these in the stash and would like to build yet another Pro Street version of this truck.

I’m just totally blown away with both builds, but the Demon II is in a class of it’s own. I could go on and on from the headlights to the taillights raving about each little part and section, as the build is just that good.

What grabbed my eye at the start was the overall look and stance. I was just blown away. Compared to the Demon 3 it’s easy to see the major differences. Lower, meaner for sure. the black window and windshield trim along with removing the little side windows makes a huge difference in the look. And the paint job and finish is absolutely flawless. I honestly mean that.

The paint finish on a real car or a model car is what makes or breaks it, and you just nailed it. there’s still nothing that really matches model enamels done right.

As for the engine, well, I’ve been a huge Jack Roush fan since he teamed up with Mark Martin to drive his Nascar stockers way back in the 1980’s. Lot’s of things have changed, but Jack still seems to have the same hat!! You really did the Roush V8 proud. Looks fantastic. Even the ignition wire looms are there and done right.

I completely agree with you that to we as modelers tend to spend way to much on AM parts. Being retired even I have to watch my pennies. The balance you used is absolutely perfect.


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Man! Thanks for those comments Joel. I was always a big Mark Martin fan as well. He may not have been #1 all the time but he was consistently in the top 10. Really appreciate all the comments bro.

Seriously beautiful work Sir!

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No need for thanks. The Demon II is just that good.l


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Thanks you guys.

Those are some very serious smooth finishes
Excellent job

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Thanks Rick!! Sorry for the late reply. Crazy month this has been

Absolutely no apology needed. I get it 110%.

Life would be great if modeling was our primary responsibility!!!

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Man aint that tha truth!!! and …well…hotrodding too ya know.

Hey Guys,
I’m retired and thought that modeling would move up on my priority lists, but my wife has a different agenda for my now 24/7 free work time. :disappointed:


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I hear you on that. I work a four day work week which means that I’ve got “free time” for the weekend starting on Friday. Free in the fact that my wife thinks I need something to do with every single minute of that “free time”. I’ve got a list so long of stuff to do that I could literally make THAT my hobby. lol

Outstanding build! A++

Magnificent black paint!

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Ain’t that the truth.

I could easily work on the house, yard,  cars, etc. 24/7, 

and never get truly caught up.


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Thanks potna! I felt that I needed to work on my painting skills so I went with the hardest color I knew to get down pat and started there. Every other color is a complete cinch to lay down now. lol

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LOL! Right on brother.

Mustang 1989,
Have no fears, your painting is top notch.


That is one kick-ass build, bad to the bone!

~ Eddy :tophat: