Revell Germany AAR Cuda V.S. Revell Monogram AAR Cuda?

My heart wants to Make Don Preudhomme’s 70 Cuda funny car. It is not being produced. Evil Bay has one for a zillion dollars. So, fabricating one is the only option unless someone feels the need to lighten their stash. My head knows this won’t work but I seldom listen to that annoying voice. I was thinking of using the Ramcharger Challenger Funny Car as a base and take the body from the 70 AAR Cuda body from Revel. Some surgery will be required… There is the Revell Germany 70 AAR Cuda kit and the Revell Monogram 70 AAR Cuda kit. Different model numbers, different price. Am I wrong to assume they are the same kit?

From what I’ve read, the revell germany kit is a better one, better instructions and parts.