Revell Hawaiian Pilot vs Doctor Lykes plastic?

I hope this is the correct forum… My son asked me to build him a Doctor Lykes kit he found online. I had shared my experience with him in building 2 of these kits previously - 1 for myself and 1 for another brother. So, my son bought a doctor lykes kit and an Hawaiian Pilot for extra parts - a wise move as the Doctor had missing instructions and a lot of busted and missing parts. So leading to my question, the last Doctor build I did I had trouble with primer sticking and had to strip, then Comet clean the glossy plastic. Then no issues. I now notice when I hold the 2 hulls side by side, the Doctor Lykes plastic seems more shiny and slippery and the Hawaiian Pilot more flatter and dull.

The Hawaiian Pilot is kit number 05236 and on the warning label inside , the copyright is from 2003. So at least a 2003 kit. The Doctor Lykes is kit no. H-335 - not sure how old. Anyone know when these kits were made until?

Question - can anyone tell from the picture the difference in the plastic? Or know? Based on my last experience and similarities of the kits, I may just use the Hawaiian Pilot and make it a Doctor Lykes , based on plastic alone. Tks for any thoughts on the plastic or otherwise. Hawaiian Pilot hull is on the right.

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Do you wash the parts before painting ? The problem may be as simple as mold release agent remaining on the hulls .

I have not washed these. I did the last build after the primer came off.

Curious to know the difference in the plastic between the 2 kits

Little off topic - but here’s the one after the picture shown that I’ve finished. 4th and final one….